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Medical Services

Medical Services

Medical Transportation Services for Your Emergency Needs

Not only is the Universal Air Evac medical flight crew trained for any eventuality, they are also provided with all necessary medical equipment that is maintained to the highest standards. 

Stringent COVID-19 and infection control protocols are implemented onboard each evacuation flight, and medical crew and pilots are equipped with all the necessary protective gear to maintain the safety of crew, providers and our patients.

Our fleet is permanently configured to deal with any medical emergency, and we have an extensive range of equipment.

Medical Services

Medical Equipment

At Universal Air Evac, we are mission-ready with all of the equipment needed for any emergency. We have a full set of medical equipment that is carried on all flights and is tailored to the patient, including:

Multi-parameter monitor which includes:

  • 12 Lead ECG
  • ET CO2, SPO2, NIBP
  • Invasive pressure and temperature monitoring
  • Pacing and hands-free defibrillation function

Transport ventilators which are capable of:

  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation of adult and paediatric patients from 5kg in weight
  • Pressure and volume controlled ventilation
  • Full ventilation parameter monitoring
  • Unique gas delivery system

Medical necessities: 

  • Infusion pumps and syringe drivers
  • Portable blood chemistry analyser
  • Video laryngoscope
  • Intraosseous vascular access system
  • Portable suction units
  • Full set of emergency & ICU medications and consumables
  • Full immobilisation equipment, including vacuum mattresses as standard
  • Portable negative pressure isolation units


Medical Services
Medical Services

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