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  • The biggest air ambulance challenges are on the ground


    One of the essential skill requirements to work in the air ambulance industry is undoubtedly the ability to adapt and operate efficiently regardless of the resources and support available on the ground.  Universal Air Evac conducts missions throughout Africa, Europe and the Middle East, presenting unique challenges to its doctors and paramedics. Often female medics face additional hurdles, which range from the practical to the patriarchal.

  • Unique professionals in unique circumstances


    Universal Air Evac is Africa’s leading air ambulance operator, providing services throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. The Universal Air Evac team has more than 30 000 flight hours of combined air ambulance experience, many of which have been earned under incredibly high-stress conditions.

  • Benchmark for air ambulance COVID-19 care


  • Company Name Change

    Dear Valued Customers, Suppliers and Business Partners,

    We are very pleased with the continuous growth trajectory of our independent air ambulance model, thanks to terrific support from the industry. We anticipated that an independent offering would gain traction and it is evident that this is happening at an accelerating pace.